The “old city” and the “city old”.

Orvieto (Urbs Vetus, the “old city”) and Viterbo (Vetus Urbs, the “city old”) are two beautiful cities in central Italy, which have in common not only the etymology of the name; Orvieto, home of the School of Italian Language and Culture “Lingua Sì”, offers foreign students who come here to study Italian unforgettable precious images, such as the tufo cliff, its fortress, the town full of monuments and churches and the magnificent Cathedral.

All this gives the city an exciting Umbrian and Medieval appearence, and is in the heart of the cliff, carved out over the centuries creating new spaces, which reveal another important legacy of Orvieto, the Etruscans. Similarly, less than an hour’s drive, our students will discover Viterbo, also has a subtle charm: like Orvieto, Viterbo has Etruscan origins, but the soul that has characterized the most imposing buildings of the middle ages: the mighty walls and winding streets of the village path.
A curiosity: in both cities lies a Fortress of Albornoz.

The School of “Lingua Sì” ‘s teachers not only advise their students to visit the nearby town of Lazio, because their stay is not only dedicated to the study of Italian, but also to explore the historical and cultural heritage of central Italy. A good trip for all!

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