Excerpts from a written exercise at the end of the course:
“What would you like to take home with you from Orvieto?”

I would take back to Japan … everything! Two months went by so quickly. I really like Lingua Sì, Orvieto. Everyone is kind. I’ve learnt so much besides the Italian language and cooking, in particular the mentality and character of such lovely people.
I will never forget this experience for as long as I live. It’s difficult to leave Orvieto. I hope that I will come back again in the future.
I am happy to know Lingua Sì, the staff – Claudia, Piero, Alessandra, and Naomi are brilliant. I would like to take the passion and the energy that they have given me to Japan.
Best wishes and Merry Christmas and Happy New Century. A big kiss,
Noriko – standard group course (Japan)

I would take home with me to America the people in Orvieto and especially those at the school […] I particularly appreciated the fact that the school uses authentic dialogues for oral comprehension and that we had classes “fuori aula” (outdoors). I hope to go back some day.
Karen – standard group course (USA)

I racked my brains but cannot come up with anything negative to say about the school – not even the smallest thing. It is incredible!
Rikke – standard group course (Denmark)

It’s the first time I really enjoyed studying.
Miho – individual course (Japan)

nuovo-11I would take home with me, from Orvieto to Germany, the warm breeze, the happy people, the “eating ice-cream at the Cathedral”, the historical centre, the teacher, so that I could continue to learn Italian.
Edeltraud – senior citizen course (Germany)

The ice-cream that Claudia told us to taste. I would take home with me also the school’s positive and serene atmosphere, and so the attention given to their students, so that they feel fine, and to always find the best solution for everybody. And, last but not least, I would take home the language, but as this is not possible, here’s the reason why to come back to Lingua Sì …
Corinne – standard group course (Switzerland)

I thank you for everything. I spent a beautiful time with you. For me this course was very useuful and funny. Then I met many friends and I was at these feasts called sagre that there aren’t in my country. I was at Sagra della focaccia and I ate pizza in all restaurant of Orvieto because it’s very different from that one in Zagabria.
Zrinka – gruppo standard (Croazia)