Adesso (D)

September 2006
“Un piacevole soggiorno (A nice holiday)”
The German monthly dedicates an article to the story of Lisbeth Muller, a German tourist who has lived in Orvieto and studied with enthusiasm at Lingua Sì.

Cronache di Melbourne (AU)

February 2006
“Da Genazzano alla scoperta dell’Italia”
The daily australian newspaper has dedicated an article to a group of students who came to italy for a study-holiday and ended their italian stay at lingua sì where they could relax and have fun.

Cronache di Melbourne (AU)

February 2006
“Lingua Sì siamo è in contatto con 45 paesi di ogni continente”
The australian daily newspaper interviews Lingua Sì on its italian courses in Orvieto and Bolsena.

2004_Catalogo_GOINGCatalogo GOING (AU)

“Something different: Italian Language and cooking class”
In the 2004 issue of this leader in Australian travel catologs several pages were dedicated to Orvieto and featured the package of Italian language and cooking courses available in this beautiful city.

200304_La_FiammaLa Fiamma (AU)

April 2003
“Programmi di scambi culturali”
This article, appeared in an Australian newspaper, discussed the city of Orvieto and highlighted several of the city’s attributes and resources, including Lingua Sì.

200303_La_FiammaLa Fiamma (AU)

March 2003
“Progetto Orvieto-Città degli Studi”
This Australian newspaper featured an article on Orvieto, as the ideal location to study, and on Lingua Sì as the ideal school for courses in Italian language and culture.

200212_MessaggeroIl Messaggero (I)

December 2002
“I giapponesi alla scoperta dell’Orvietano”
This article, written following the Orvieto delegation’s promotional tour in Japan, cited the teaching methodologies of Lingua Sì as the primary reason to study the Italian language in Orvieto.

2002_EcceteraEccetera (D)

November 2002
“Italienische Erinnerungen Sprache,Kultur und Spaß in Orvieto”
This German magazine contained an article discussing Lingua Sì’s international student body and its modern teaching methodologies.

200210_MessaggeroIl Messaggero (I)

October 2002
“Promuovere la Rupe in Giappone”
This article, written during the Orvieto delegation’s promotional tour in Japan, promoted the city of Orvieto and the Italian language courses at Lingua Sì.

2002_Corriere_UmbriaCorriere dell’Umbria

October 2002
“I rappresentanti dell’istituto locale “Lingua Sì” a Tokyo per i prossimi workshop internazionali”
This regional newspaper included an article about the Orvieto delegation’s visit in Japan, highlighting the methodologies used by Lingua Sì in the international Italian language and culture workshop.

2002_Stars_StripesStars and Stripes Travel (USA)

July 2002
“Orvieto hosts a bit of heaven”
This American magazine focussed on Orvieto’s history and monument tours, and Italian language courses available through Lingua Sì.

2002_La_NazioneLa Nazione (I)

January 2002
“Sempre più stranieri sulla Rupe, ma c’è una scuola per imparare l’italiano”
This popular publication dedicated an article to Lingua Sì honoring the first three years of activity, noting that thanks to the efforts of the local tourist industry Orvieto has become an ideal travel destination.

2001_Corriere_TusciaCorriere della Tuscia (D/I)

“Sprachschüler auf einem Stadtrundgang durch Orvieto”
This Italo-German magazine dedicated an article to Lingua Sì, to its international students and to Orvieto’s beautiful architecture and famous works of art.

2001_MessaggeroIl Messaggero (I)

Dicembre 2001
“Imparano l’italiano giocando”
This famous Italian newspaper dedicated an article to Lingua Sì’s first three years of activity noting the school’s success, evolution and ambition for the future.

2000_Progress_InternationalProgress International (USA)

“Live and learn Italian culture and language”
This article from the American magazine, Progress International, dedicated several pages to the teaching methods adopted by Lingua Sì.

1999_Language_TravelLanguage Travel Magazine (UK)

Dicembre 1999
“In Focus”
This famous and prestigious British magazine which specializes in reviewing schools that teach second languages, elected Lingua Sì as the “school of the month”.