mercy collegesIt was with much enthusiasm and excitement that 15 students and three teachers began their Study Tour to some of the most beautiful cities in Italy.The highlight of this very successful tour was our discovery of the enchanting city of Orvieto and the very impressive organization of Lingua Sì and its staff. Our stay in Orvieto will be memorable for our students.The guided tours of the city were interesting and very engaging, the Italian lessons informative and fun, Sebastiano with his fine dramatic expertise was extremely popular with the students.
From a cultural and gastronomical experience, the restaurants where we dined were exceptional. The staff friendly and cordial. Overall we enjoyed our three week stay immensely.
Our College Community has shown a keen interest for the next tour in 2010.
We sincerely thank the Director of Study programs in Italy Piero Salituri for his overall help and exceptional concern in making sure that our stay not only in Orvieto but also in every other city we visited was pleasant and everything to our satisfaction, and to the staff Federica and Laura for their impeccable service.
Grace Masini Study Tour Organizer – Mercy College- Melbourne, Australia


After much preparation, the college where I teach, Marian College, along with the Caroline Chisholm college in Melbourne, Australia, finally organised a study holiday in Italy.
We departed, our group being made up of three professors, one woman and two men, and 15 students. During our second week, after visiting many beautiful places, the Australian group stopped in Orvieto.
Having seen the normally well known places such as Venice, Florence, Montecatini, Bologna, Arezzo and Pisa, we didn’t know what to expect when we came to this small Umbrian city. We soon realised that this beautiful city, maybe not known as an ordinary tourist attraction, is full of charm and character. Spectacular views, the Duomo, the ceramics, the experiences the students had in preparing pasta and éclairs (with the help of Chef Damiano) are only some of our memories. Not to mention the people who welcomed us, making us at our ease as if we were at home.
All this contributed in creating a memory that will stay with us forever.
Joan Fabbian – Marian College – Melbourne, Australia






st-columbia-collegeWhat a charming country!!! Even from a distance it gives you the impression of something magic. You can’t get there on foot… you have to take the lift or the funicular to get there! Orvieto offers a little of everything: ancient history, places of worship, really good food and very kind people. For us everything was a sample of Italian culture. My students were highly satisfied with their experience… Thanks to all the organisational staff for your work and your kindness. See you!
Tina Persano – St Columba’s College – Melbourne, Australia


genazzano-collegeI would like to thank all the staff for the care they gave to organising our stay. The lessons were well structured and pleasant. The students had fun acting a cooks and potters, as well as learning new words in Italian. We will certainly continue to collaborate with you.
Lidia Nuzzolese – Genazzano College – Melbourne, Australia


ave-maria-collegeFrom beginning to end, our stay in Orvieto was an incredible experience. Our program was tailored in such a way to fit our specific needs.
We were warmly hosted and assisted in every way possible.
The language and the cultural programs were excellent.
The staff were very friendly and went out of their way to support the students in their learning of the language and in exploring the history and art works of Orvieto.
Here, we were spoilt with samples of food produced with the finest ingredients, feasted our eyes on beautiful ceramics carrying ancient images and enjoyed the hospitality of the very friendly Orvietan people.
If you are looking for that special place to take your students and introduce them to Italy, then Orvieto is the place to go.
Carla Godoy – Ave Maria College – Melbourne, Australia


st-monica-collegeWe have just had an absolutely wonderful experience. Both the school and the activities taught us much about the Italian language and culture.
The lessons were appropriate and interesting for our students.
They didn’t want to leave Orvieto…they would have liked to have stayed longer!
The relationships, the sensation of freedom and the hospitality of the local people are the key elements that they carried back home with them to Australia.
From my perspective, it was an excellent experience: the staff went out of their way to support us, the accommodation was very confortable, we ate at authentic restaurants, and the breathtaking landscape impressed me. I must return.
Pina Dunne – St Monica College – Melbourne – Australia



HandelsakademieMy experience with Lingua Sì was excellent. Orvieto is the ideal place for language trips for groups of students in any age range. The city offers everything you would want for that kind of a trip, from sports to other ways of spending free time, from cultural offers, to other places of interest. One thing I liked in particular was meeting young Italians.
The students learned a lot in the Italian courses and were enthusiastic about Orvieto and their whole stay.
Mag. Susanne Linser – [email protected] – Eco Telfs – Innsbruck, Austria


HLW BiedermannsdorfOne of the staff members came to meet us at the Orvieto train station and we were welcomed with a refreshment. The host families, carefully selected, made our students feel at home right from the start. Lessons were fun and captivating, the free time programme well balanced and all this in one of the most beautiful places in Italy.
A comment from my students: “It was the perfect linguistic week, I’ll go back there in the summer on my own!”

On the train straight from Vienna to Orvieto; personal, intensive contact with school management; kind, flexible staff that takes into account all our ideas and needs, and the courses and stimulating free time activities, not at all ordinary. Enthusiastic students who don’t have to depend on public transportation – as happens in larger cities – to get to school or get together in their free time. The place is easy to get around, where everything can easily be reached on foot, so it is easy to manage for both students and teachers.

My comment, as organiser: “Perfect conditions for excellent success in the linguistic week. I’ll bring a new class next year!”
Susanne Gratzer – HLW Biedermannsdorf


Ferrari SchuleWe arrive in the morning after a night on the train, and we already see the cordial hospitality offered by Orvieto and the Lingua Sì school with a toast to welcome us. Then the “parents” arrive, who greet our students with a smile, and the fears of our students quickly disappear. In the afternoon we have the first orientation tour of Orvieto with Valeria, followed by dinner with the family. The coming days are taken up with Italian lessons, short outings, seminars, a cooking course and many meetings with the wonderful people of Orvieto, always willing to help us. Behind all this is the perfect organisation of the Lingua Sì school with Piero, Chiara, Marilena and Valeria.
The school may be small, but it has a big heart – and that is for sure. Thanks for an unforgettable week.
Prof. Thomas Ladstätter – HLW Ferrarischule – Innsbruck, Austria



colorado collegesExcels not only due to its multiple course offerings, professional staff and innovative teaching style, but also, and more importantly, in that it is a wonderful institution to work with.
For two years running, the staff has been extremely accommodating, working with our students on everything from beginning grammar, all levels of conversation to advanced University-level composition. Overall, every member should be commended for his/her commitment, enthusiasm and integrity.
Dana Renga – Program Director and Assistant Professor, Orvieto Semester, Colorado College – Colorado Springs, CO, USA


Innsbruck UniversityThe University Innsbruck has been collaborating with Lingua Sì for many years and for the past three years I have been in charge of study travel in Italy for our students.
All the Tyrolean students who attended courses in Orvieto returned enthusiastic.
The courses and teachers, accommodations and the countryside, the city and the company, leisure time activities and the food: all the ingredients of the stay met with their expectations, and even more.
The students said that they were always pleasantly surprised.
Maria Tonetti, lecturer in Italian appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at the Department of Romance language studies – Leopold-Franzens-Universität – Innsbruck, Austria


Lingua Sì not only has many years of experience in offering excellent Italian language courses at all levels, but they are also very flexible and willing to work with individual organisations to adapt the teaching program of their courses to special requirements.

I recommend Lingua Sì to all the American institutions that are looking for collaboration in creating Italian language programs in Italy.
Dott.ssa Angela Yeung – Assistant Professor– University of San Diego; Artistic codirector– Orvieto Musica, Inc.



There are numerous private schools and institutes in Italy that offer the chance to improve one’s knowledge of the Italian language, but only a few of them can be recommended. Lingua Sì is an excellent private school dedicated to spreading and popularising the Italian language and culture with great energy and charm, combining professionalism with a social and family atmosphere.
The austere beauty of the Umbrian countryside, the wide range of cultural activities offered by Orvieto and, last but not least, Umbrian cuisine with its excellent wines are an ideal background.
The various types of courses offered by the school (among them we find excellent cooking courses, specific courses on the culture and courses for senior citizens) mean full exploitation of everything that Orvieto offers.
There is a wide range of accommodation (from hospitality in families or shared apartments to the beloved monasteries or high level farm holidays tastefully furnished).
Many Lingua Sì students return over and again and it isn’t difficult to understand why, just go take a look.
Andreas van Leeuwen – Direkt Sprachreisen – language travel agency, Heidelberg (Germany)


Lingua Sì stands out because of the flexibility of offers. Even though the demands of our program are quite different from their study program, Lingua Sì worked enthusiastically with us to create a tailor-made course that met our demands. They took great care in selecting the teachers for our group, following them closely during our three-weekly program to guarantee our full satisfaction.
Naturally what is most important is that all our students have considerably improved their knowledge of Italian at the end of the program!
Susan Ormont, Past-President National Association of Teachers of Singing, New York Chapter, USA and Director Opera Lirica (USA); Claudia Novack, Ph.D., American Repertory Theatre, Assistant Director Opera Lirica (USA)