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Studentessa No More

My four weeks of Italian classes went by too fast. I learned a lot, including how much more study and practice it will take to speak Italian very comfortably. This month brought me a small, but important step closer, and I’ll leave here with a very soft spot in my heart for the school in Orvieto I attended [Continue……]

Carpe Diem! – A 30% discount on our Italian courses

This is the last chance: a special offer for you, come study Italian at Lingua Sì, the institute of Italian culture at Orvieto!
Don’t miss this opportunity and book now: if you choose to attend one of our Italian group courses in November, you’ll get a 30% discount on the course fee! [Continue……]

Italian Lesson at the Public Library!

Italian lessons are also held at the Public Library for the students of Lingua Sì; the Institute of Italian Culture and Language in Orvieto.
Besides the regular lessons at school, Lingua Sì organizes lessons around Orvieto and it’s most common and characteristic places not only to study Italian [Continue……]

Christmas at Lingua Sì!!

At the Institute of Italian Language and Culture in Orvieto, Lingua Sì, it’s Christmas time!

In December the teachers of the school planned various lessons about Christmas; to learn Italian of course, but also to immerse our students in Italian culture and show them the Italian flavours of Christmas [Continue……]

In Bocca al Lupo! A theatre course

Actors from Pennsylvania, California, and Australia, all students at Lingua Si, are a part of In Bocca al Lupo, a theatre course in which they use their Italian language skills in a unique and fun way. This Friday and Saturday, the students present two performances of a play they have themselves created, in Italian, and […]

In bocca al lupo! By Jeff Wills

It’s been about a week and a half in Italia, which means we’re in our third day of classes with the students.
This also means that I have finished my third day of Italian classes, which means that my grammar and syntax may come across a little…funny…at certain points of [Continue……]

Lunch with the teacher

This year, Lingua Sì, the Institute of Italian Culture and Language in Orvieto, successfully organized a new activity very much appreciated by students and teachers.
Following our philosophy of learning with pleasure, we offered our students the chance to attend a real life lesson in their free time: we met at a local restaurant[Continue……]

The first day of Italian Course

On Monday August 4th, Italian Lessons begin at Lingua Sì. Students from Japan, England, United States, Germany have met to learn Italian language. In the morning they have worked on a particular activity and then all together they have enjoyed a welcome drink. A taste of some local products, a toast with white and red […]

Mercy College in Orvieto

It was with much enthusiasm and excitement that 15 students and three teachers began their Study Tour to some of the most beautiful cities in Italy. The highlight of this very successful tour was our discovery of the enchanting city of Orvieto and the very impressive organization of Lingua Sì and its staff. Our stay […]

A grant for an Italian Language Course

Are you attending an Italian Language course in your town’s Institute of Italian Language and Culture or University? Would you like to study in depth your knowledge of Italian and to attend a course in Italy, far from the chaos of the big cities and why not! paying only 50% of the course price? Here […]