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Special Offer – Long term Italian Courses

Lingua Sì is pleased to offer those who whish to enrol in a long-term standard group course (4 hours of tuition per day) a special discount: 12 weeks (3 months): 15% discount on the course fee 24 weeks (6 months): 25% discount on the course fee 48 weeks (12 months): 30% discount on the course […]

Italian Lesson at the Public Library!

Italian lessons are also held at the Public Library for the students of Lingua Sì; the Institute of Italian Culture and Language in Orvieto.
Besides the regular lessons at school, Lingua Sì organizes lessons around Orvieto and it’s most common and characteristic places not only to study Italian [Continue……]

The 4c class from HLW Ferrari school, Innsbruck

We arrive in the morning after a night on the train, and we already see the cordial hospitality offered by Orvieto and the Lingua Sì school with a toast to welcome us. Then the “parents” arrive, who greet our students with a smile, and the fears of our students quickly disappear [Continue……]

Read, watch and vote

Don’t bother to get up and relax yourself… Are you ready? So…. go! Come with us!!! We are inviting you to follow us in this our tour that will bring who doesn’t know us yet, to discover our world- that one of Lingua Sì with its courses of languages and the other one of the […]

The first day of Italian Course

On Monday August 4th, Italian Lessons begin at Lingua Sì. Students from Japan, England, United States, Germany have met to learn Italian language. In the morning they have worked on a particular activity and then all together they have enjoyed a welcome drink. A taste of some local products, a toast with white and red […]

Italian lessons with a difference

Cinema italianoo at Lingua Sì! Since our school was founded, we have been promoting Italian film, organizing weekly viewings. In this period, thanks to two of our teaching staff who adore cinema, we are working much more to prepare a vast range of teaching resources referring to movies, which hopefully will be fun and motivate […]

lingua Sì: it’s not only italian language course

Great news from Lingua Sì’s area of English language courses: since years the Institute has been registered centre of Trinity examinations. In these days an inspector from Trinity University controlled the quality of our services. Lingua Sì passed this control in an excellent way, the examination proceeded according to Trinity University’s criteria. The inspector defined […]