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Italian Lesson at the Public Library!

Italian lessons are also held at the Public Library for the students of Lingua Sì; the Institute of Italian Culture and Language in Orvieto.
Besides the regular lessons at school, Lingua Sì organizes lessons around Orvieto and it’s most common and characteristic places not only to study Italian [Continue……]

In Bocca al Lupo! A theatre course

Actors from Pennsylvania, California, and Australia, all students at Lingua Si, are a part of In Bocca al Lupo, a theatre course in which they use their Italian language skills in a unique and fun way. This Friday and Saturday, the students present two performances of a play they have themselves created, in Italian, and […]

In bocca al lupo! By Jeff Wills

It’s been about a week and a half in Italia, which means we’re in our third day of classes with the students.
This also means that I have finished my third day of Italian classes, which means that my grammar and syntax may come across a little…funny…at certain points of [Continue……]

A nice discover

I attended an Italian language course at Lingua Sì in Orvieto, you can’t imagine what I discovered… In thirteenth century, in Umbria, the region where the school is located, the first literary texts were written in the originating Italian language (il volgare): Il Cantico delle Creature of San Francesco d’Assisi and Le Laudi of Jacopone […]

A grant for an Italian Language Course

Are you attending an Italian Language course in your town’s Institute of Italian Language and Culture or University? Would you like to study in depth your knowledge of Italian and to attend a course in Italy, far from the chaos of the big cities and why not! paying only 50% of the course price? Here […]

Welcome to Lingua Sì

Learning new things, coming into contact with a different culture, and making new friends while having fun – that is our philosophy at “Lingua Sì”, Institute of Italian Language and Culture; following these criteria we organise our Italian language courses.