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Studentessa No More

My four weeks of Italian classes went by too fast. I learned a lot, including how much more study and practice it will take to speak Italian very comfortably. This month brought me a small, but important step closer, and I’ll leave here with a very soft spot in my heart for the school in Orvieto I attended [Continue……]

Christmas at Lingua Sì!!

At the Institute of Italian Language and Culture in Orvieto, Lingua Sì, it’s Christmas time!

In December the teachers of the school planned various lessons about Christmas; to learn Italian of course, but also to immerse our students in Italian culture and show them the Italian flavours of Christmas [Continue……]

The 4c class from HLW Ferrari school, Innsbruck

We arrive in the morning after a night on the train, and we already see the cordial hospitality offered by Orvieto and the Lingua Sì school with a toast to welcome us. Then the “parents” arrive, who greet our students with a smile, and the fears of our students quickly disappear [Continue……]

Party Time …

Put a group of people together from all the world …
Organize a colourful table with a lot of dishes made by all the students …
Add Italian Music and a lot of fun ….
It takes just a few ingredients to plan a dinner that is this unique [Continue……]

In bocca al lupo! By Jeff Wills

It’s been about a week and a half in Italia, which means we’re in our third day of classes with the students.
This also means that I have finished my third day of Italian classes, which means that my grammar and syntax may come across a little…funny…at certain points of [Continue……]

Lunch with the teacher

This year, Lingua Sì, the Institute of Italian Culture and Language in Orvieto, successfully organized a new activity very much appreciated by students and teachers.
Following our philosophy of learning with pleasure, we offered our students the chance to attend a real life lesson in their free time: we met at a local restaurant[Continue……]

Italian lessons with a difference

Cinema italianoo at Lingua Sì! Since our school was founded, we have been promoting Italian film, organizing weekly viewings. In this period, thanks to two of our teaching staff who adore cinema, we are working much more to prepare a vast range of teaching resources referring to movies, which hopefully will be fun and motivate […]

European Championship in Italian classroom

This month everybody talks about European Football Championship. In our Italian language school too!!! Students from Switzerland, Holland are learning Italian language at Lingua Sì. During the lesson, they talked about victory of Netherlands over Italy and defeat of Switzerland. Hans, our Dutch student was very happy!! We are waiting for our match of this […]