Summer time… “SAGRA” time!

During the summer months, it’s “Sagra” time in Italy.
The Sagra is a rural festival held in the open air with folk music, dancing and games. Many sagre are based around one or more culinary specialities, which can usually be sampled in the various booths.
There is Pizza’s Sagra, maccheroni’s, mushrooms’, ice-cream, gnocchi…
The students of Lingua Sì, the Institute of Italian Language and Culture in Orvieto, take advantage of the Sagre in Orvieto and all around to experience real Italian culture and to improve their Italian.
Here a list of the most popular Sagre in Orvieto:

Sagra degli Gnocchi (Sugano)
Sagra dell’ Oca (Camorena-Corbara)
Sagra degli Umbrichelli (Canonica)
Sagra degli Gnocchi (Guardea) – Luglio e Agosto
Sagra del Cinghiale (Guardea) – Luglio e Agosto
Sagra della Focaccia (Cerreto)
Festa della Birra (Schiavo)
Festa della Birra (Sferracavallo)
Sagra della Cannelletta (Castelviscardo) – Agosto
Festa del Vino (Castiglione in teverina)
Sagra del Bosco (Sferracavallo)
Sagra del Cinghiale (Montecchio)
Sagra del Cinghiale (San Venanzo)
Sagra della Polenta (Allerona Scalo)
Sagra degli Gnocchi (San Lorenzo Nuovo) – Agosto

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