General Conditions

1.  The entire course and accommodation fee must be paid, at the latest, on the first day of the course. All bank charges are to be paid by the student. Should the payment not be made within the above period stipulated, Lingua Sì reserves the right to forbid the student’s participation in the course until the due payment.
2. The student is officially signed up for the course only when the school has received the total sum of the advance payment. Lingua Sì will reserve and confirm accomodation only when the full advance payment has been received.
3. In case of withdrawal from the course and/or accommodation, the advance payment (except the registration fee and bank charges for refund) will be refunded only if the Institute is informed by registered letter or by telegram of the student’s withdrawal at least five (5) weeks before the starting date of the course. If the withdrawal occurs after this deadline, Lingua Sì will not reimburse any amount.
4. If a student does not attend lessons or withdraws from the course once it has started, no claim can be made for a refund of the course fee. The course type may be changed only if a request is made 4 weeks before the beginning of the course.
5. Lingua Sì declines all responsibility for injuries, illness, loss or damage of objects, and for all other kinds of damage. Students are advised to obtain adequate insurance coverage before arriving in Orvieto.
6. Lingua Sì reserves the right to alter the course fee and schedule of the class if conditions for a course agreed upon can not be fulfilled, for example, if the minimum of students for a particular level is not reached (Standard Course: 2 participants = 15 hours/wk, 1 participant: 9 hours/wk, Intensive Course – for morning group ilesson hours, see “Standard Group”; extra hours: 2 participants = 8 hours/wk, 1 participant 6 hours/wk). It is guaranteed in any case that the maximum number of students per class will not exceed 12 partecipants.
7. Students are not entitled to more than 1 discount.
8. Lessons are not held on Italian National holidays and on the holiday of the Patron Saint of the city; any classes lost on this account will not be made up nor will the corresponding fee be refunded.
9. Each lesson is 50 minutes in duration, except for individual lessons (60 minutes).
10. The lessons can be held eiher in the main site or in other detached sites.
11. Orvieto will serve as place of legal venue to settle any disputes and complaints.
12. If a student is under 18 years of age, his/her application form has to be signed by a parent or guardian. For students under 18 years requiring accommodation through Lingua Sì, a signed letter by a parent or guardian relieving Lingua Sì of any liability is required prior to the student’s arrival.
13. The invalidity of one or more of the above conditions will not invalidate any of the remaining conditions. The invalid condition/s must be interpreted in order to achieve its/their basic objective in the best possible way.