The ring walk around the cliff.

One of the most popular places in Orvieto of the students of the School of Italian Language and Culture “Lingua Sì” is undoubtedly the ring walk around the cliff.

It is a pedestrian promenade which can be accessed by several doors that open around the city, such as the Porta della Rocca, next to the Albornoz fortress with the magnificent view of the River Paglia, or Porta Maggiore on Via della Cava, an old entrance monument to the Etruscan city of Velzna.

Along the path, you can meet a number of important archaeological and natural elements: the Necropolis of the Crucifix of Tufo North America; the great Grotta della Fungaia, the wide Castagneta leading near the funicular to the cave with the remains of fossilized trunks of the trees in the valley at the time of the formation of a powerful volcanic eruption which formed the original tufo cliff, the Sanctuary of Cannicella and the nearby Etruscan tombs. The ring walk around the Cliff is a charming and magical place, where students and teachers love to stroll and stop to admire the landscape of the green Umbrian countryside, strictly speaking in Italian, not to be missed!

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