Olive trees & Italian …

November is the month of olive harvesting and new oil. Makiko and Mitsuru, who are attending an Italian course at Lingua Sì, Orvieto, participated at the harvest: an occasion to live as the Italians do for one day, exploring the traditions regarding olives and their harvest.
Mitsuru explains: “It has been a fun day, sunny and with those beautiful black olives! I didn’t know it was such a lot of hand work. The trees that have different sorts of olives have different labels. It was wonderful to pick olives listening to the birds singing in the trees. I realized that it is hard work if you have to do it every day, but for me, as it was only for a few days, it was real fun. I met new people at the olive mill and when we had lunch together we spoke Italian. Thanks to Cesare, to Cinzia and the others, Makiko, whose acquaintance I’ve made at Lingua Sì, and me had a very nice time.”
To improve their Italian, during their study stay the students of Lingua Sì take part in various activities organized by the school such as oil tasting with bruschette and different local products of Umbria. It is also possible to visit the oil mill in order to see how olive oil is produced. Among Lingua Sì’s students Paul, Switzerland, and Albert, Germany, who planned their study stay in a period that allowed them to help at the olive harvesting, made the experience of the thousands of years old local tradition of olive picking.
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