Learn the Italian language through the songs!

The Italian song Festival of Sanremo has started and as every year, this week everybody
talks about it – it has become part of the Italian culture. Therefore, the students who are
attending an Italian language course at Lingua Sì right in these days have the possibility
to learn the Italian grammar through the songs sung in the past at the Sanremo Festival.
Furthermore, they learn something more about this aspect of the Italian Culture. The
teachers of Lingua Sì introduce not only in this period, but during the whole year Italian
songs to the students making them work on various aspects of the Italian language.
What a better way than this to learn Italian having fun and listening to the music that made
Italy famous worldwide!
And right in occasion of the Sanremo Festival lingua Sì is pleased to present a new special
The course lasts one week including 20 hours of tuition. During the lessons the students
learn and improve the Italian language through the songs from the sixties up to today and
the most famous Italian singers of the past and present will be introduced to them.
For further information, contact [email protected]

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