Party Time …

Festa studentePut a group of people together from all the world …

Organize a colourful table with a lot of dishes made by all the students …

Add Italian Music and a lot of fun …

It takes just a few ingredients to plan a dinner that is this unique and it’s the best way for our students to learn Italian and know the Italian culture.

Our school’s method of teaching is communication; that is, our lessons are geared toward encouraging students to speak and helping them to feel free to express themselves in a natural way in natural settings. Therefore, we consider it important that not only do we prepare lessons, but also activities that we organize out of the regular schedule. We believe that in having fun, the students are more open to speaking and practicing Italian.
A real successful students’ dinner was organized on July 2009.

We had a Japanese meal from Yuko, Polish salad, Spanish paella made by Ruben and pasta from the Italian teachers. One summer night, the garden in front of Lingua Sì school was transformed into a unique international scenario.

During the dinner there was dancing and music, karaoke in Italian and a game organized by the teachers called Messaggeria! When each student arrived, he/she was given a number to be recognized and a paper to be written, in Italian of course.

You could choose to leave your impression or a message to somebody.

A paper was written something like this: “9-30-18-15-22-13-23: GREAT!!!”

An anonymous person wrote: “The Lingua Sì students are the greatest in the world!! Arigatoo, Gracias, Merci, Thank you, how do you say “Thanks” in Polish?? Thanks for the satisfactions, for the laughs, and for bringing us the world!”

Somebody gave the suggestion: “Tomorrow Lingua Sì institute is gonna close and a Restaurant with dancing all night long is gonna open, Congratulations to all the teachers and all the students.”

We stayed till late, everybody went home tired, but really happy.

And the students said: “In our luggage, going back home, we will have the fantastic night that we spent all together!”

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