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We would like to introduce you to the people who work “behind the scenes”, then to the people you will meet when you first come to our school, and last but not least some of our teachers.



pieroPiero Salituri ([email protected])
Piero has twenty years of experience in handling Marketing and Communications. He created and organised national fund raising and promotion projects for various companies, associations and organisations (Nazionale Italiani Cantanti, UISP, Fondo Mondiale per la Natura). He has participated in and organised seminars and courses on Marketing and Communications. At Lingua Sì he is in charge of Area Marketing and Administration. He participated in international workshops specialised in vacation courses.
Piero loves nature, animals (has a dog called Zaffi) and travel. He is a trekking enthusiast.


claudia2Claudia Wiegleb ([email protected])
Claudia received her degree in History of Italian Art and Letters from the University of Göttingen (Germany). She was a consultant to the Goethe Home & Museum in Rome and to several Italian companies and associations.
She taught training courses organised by the European Community, and is a member of I.L.S.A. (Association of Teachers of Italian as a Second Language). She participates yearly in refresher courses and seminars on teaching. At Lingua Sì she is in charge of Area Language Courses and Linguistic Services.
Claudia loves the countryside, reading, animals – at present has two cats – and is crazy about her two children born in 2006 and 2009. Whenever she can, she lends a helping hand at the animal (actually dog) shelter of Orvieto.

Ufficio Marketing

Responsabile Piero Salituri ([email protected])
Website e news Claudia Wiegleb ([email protected])
Grafica Enrico Calcagno

Italian courses and language services

All our teachers have university degrees and are experts in teaching Italian as a second language. In order to join the teaching staff they must attend a training course at our school to gain in-depth teaching techniques. They attend national and international refresher courses and seminars. Their excellent capability for communication, friendliness and willingness is perfect for their work in class.
Area Supervisor  Claudia Wiegleb
([email protected])