Italian Lesson at the Public Library!

Taka10Italian  lessons are also held at the Public Library for the students of Lingua Sì; the Institute of Italian Culture and Language in Orvieto.

Besides the regular lessons at school, Lingua Sì organizes lessons around Orvieto and it’s most common and characteristic places not only to study Italian, but also to get to know our culture.

People in Orvieto are very proud of the new Public Library which opened last year, on May 2008, when approximately 200 students of the city created a human chain to move the first 800 books from the old place where the library was located to the new one.

Hence, Lingua Sì planned this particular lesson at the Library to have the students visit the place and to have them read Italian books.

The students liked the library very much; from the garden outside to the huge terrace and it’s fantastic view over Orvieto on the second floor.

Besides reading, the students had the chance to enjoy speaking after viewing an exhibition of pictures, which showed some school classes of the 20th century. This gave the chance to speak about Italian public schools, how they’ve changed during the years, and the differences in public education in their own countries.

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