Italian in the kitchen. The recipes of Satomi! [sat-tohmy]

A couple of months ago a friendly Japanese student came to Lingua Sì – the Italian language school – she was the passionate cook, named Satomi.

On the first day she only shyly told her name, however, three months later Satomi surprised us with an excellent chocolate cake home-made.

She found the recipe in a cook book on one of her shopping tours in the Orvieto market.

Apart from the exquisite taste, it was a particular pleasure for her teachers to notice her progress.


The recipe of Satomi:


200 g chocolate

300 g almond flavored cookies (amaretti)

200 g sugar

200 g butter

200 g flour

5 eggs

1 sachet baking powder

half glass of liqueur


Stir the sugar in with the 5 yolks. Melt the chocolate with the butter in a double boiler and afterwards add it to the sugar and yolks.

Crumble the almond flavored cookies (amaretti) and add them to the dough.

Then sift the flour and baking powder and mix it slowly with the dough.

After that add the half glass of liqueur and then beat the egg white until stiff and add it all to the dough.

Grease the cake pan with butter and sprinkle the bread crumbs over it before filling in the dough.

Then bake the cake for 40/45 minutes. (180 degrees)


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