How We Teach

“Our teaching method is entirely communication-based. The main goal of our courses is to develop the student’s ability to communicate.

Our lessons involve activities such as team work, games and role plays, which enable the student to continuously use the Italian language in class.

Grammar is dealt with in an innovative manner – the students themselves formulate hypotheses about the structure or function of linguistic phenomena. This approach makes learning both fun and entertaining.

The textbooks we use are among the most modern on the market, and they focus on communication-based instruction.

Furthermore, a wide range of original material is used to supplement textbook lessons, including newspaper and magazine articles, recordings of conversations between native speakers and Italian films.”

Education Department

Lingua Sì teachers are all university graduates and have degrees in teaching Italian as a second language. They participate at national and international congresses and seminars to bring them up to date on any new teaching materials or methods.

Professionalism, experience, enthusiasm, and friendliness are their characteristics that guarantee the success of our courses.

Lessons are given Monday to Friday. Each hour of teaching corresponds to 50 minutes of instruction, except for individual lessons (60 minutes). Some courses include “fuori aula” (outdoor) lessons – in the centre, at the market, in an artisan’s shop … – that allow students to interact with native speakers and to practise what is being studied inside the classroom.

A one-to-one interview/oral exam with the Course Director is set up on the first day of the course to determine the student’s level, pinpoint their linguistic needs and determine the best strategy for achieving their goals.

A “welcome” toast with the teachers and the Lingua Sì team is held on the first day to get to know each other in a festive atmosphere before getting down to business!