Cultural Workshops

We offer workshops that take place in afternoons, evenings or during weekends. These workshops are on various aspects of Italian language and culture. These workshops are held in Italian by our teachers. The minimum number of participants is 3. Please find the duration and cost of the following seminars in their short description:

  1. The teaching methodology of italian and other foreign languages
  2. Contemporary Italian
  3. Dante Alighieri and The Divine Comedy

The teaching methodology of italian and other foreign languages

This workshop is reserved to teachers or future teachers of Italian as a second language or of other foreign languages and focuses on the teaching methodology of Italian, but the theories, activities and didactic techniques described can be applied to any other second language.
Among the subjects of the workshop you will find the theoretical principles on which the most modern and updated communicative approaches are based, and didactic activities and techniques.

Theory: this part focuses on the centrality and autonomy of the students, the teacher’s new and revolutionary role, the use of material taken from the real world, the arrangement of the space in the classroom, the psychological aspect of learning, the interactions between the students, the planning of a language course, the choice of didactic material, the use of video tapes and many other subjects.
Didactic activities and techniques: activities, such as reading a text, listening to a recorded conversation or doing grammatical exercises, will be seen from a completely different and innovative point of view, which will make the language lessons extremely interesting, entertaining and, especially, ‘productive’.
When it’s possible, the people attending the workshop will have the opportunity of giving one or more “practice” lessons to real students.

Duration: 8h / four 2-hour afternoon lessons

Contemporary Italian

The workshop begins with a brief historical outline and then focuses on standard Italian and dialects, but also on the numerous varieties of our language, such as popular and regional, learned and informal Italian, youth jargons, the language of advertising and also the Italian spoken abroad and the languages of the ethnic-linguistic minorities living in our country.

Duration: 6h / three 2-hour afternoon lessons

Dante Alighieri and The Divine Comedy

This workshop is designed for those who would like to get to know or become more familiar with a writer and a work that cannot be left aside by those who want to study and understand the Italian literature.
The workshop focuses first of all on Dante, whose personal history is analysed in relation to the ethical-political and social events occurring in Tuscany between the 13th and 14th century, the historical period in which he lived, and then on his most important literary work, the Divine Comedy, which is examined from several points of view: language, history, and religion.

Duration: 8 hours / 4 meetings (2 hours each)