Italian through Culture

For anyone who wants to study Italian through the top expressions of this country’s culture.

Lingua Sì offers a series of theme courses using the various manifestations of Italian culture as a main teaching instrument.

Roll’em… We’re studying! The only training tool this course uses is Italian films, offering the student the chance to learn Italian through our wonderful cinema.

Stove-top Italian. A course dedicated to those who want to learn the Italian language through the flavours and aromas of the best cuisine in the world!

Italian opera. Opera is one of the must illustrious Italian products, expression of our art and our language. This course is dedicated to everyone who has a passion for Italian opera and wants to learn Italian through the most famous operas.

The colour of sunshine. Italy is the country of art, in all its forms and manifestations. This course is aimed at anyone who wants to study Italian through the lives and masterpieces of great Italian artists.

Off to discover … Orvieto! This course offers the student the chance to combine traditional Italian language lessons with the fun of a treasure hunt. The stakes are the discovery of our small city made of art, history and tradition.

A dive into Italian and its culture… to discover we are Italians after just one week!

Italy’s Tourism. A course aimed at those who are interested in the characteristics of Italian tourism and specifically Umbrian tourism. Learning Italian by investigating one of the leading factors of our economy.

Course in communications. A full-immersion course to learn to communicate in Italian, lead by a professional actor.