In vino veritas

What is it that foreigners love about Italy? Sun, “Dolce Vita”, friendliness, food, and last but not least … wine!
That’s why Lingua Sì, Orvieto, organized on July 27th wine tasting at the “Le Velette” wine cellar. The traditional family business has a unique setting in the east of Orvieto with a beautiful view of the ancient town. The biggest of the grottoes dug in the rock is about 500 metres long; part of the grottoes used as a wine cellar date back to the Etruscan period. The special climate of the cellars is perfect for wine, with the best conditions for fermentation, ageing, and storing.
So the students had the possibility of full immersion in the Italian language, the past, and – last but not least – in the wine glasses and the procedure of wine tasting. They tasted some of the really excellent wines Orvieto is famous for. It was an occasion too for those who wished to buy directly from the wine-maker … alla salute!

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