Museums, restaurants, wine shops

This page is dedicated to Orvieto’s several museums and its food and wine. Since it is a city of Etruscan origin with many finds from that period, the Archaeological Museum thumb-11has many Etruscan objects, among these the reconstruction of the two Golini tombs dating back to the 4th century BC with the original frescoes and a bronze suit of armour, again from the 4th century BC. For anyone who wants to get better acquainted with this ancient population we also recommend a visit to the Claudio Faina Museum which is opposite the Duomo, in the same building as the Civic Museum with the many antiques collected during the 19th century by the Orvieto municipality. The Opera del Duomo Museum testifies to the religious, devotional and artistic history of the town and its majestic Duomo.
A “museum” that literally plunges you into the Etruscan and medieval world is the “Orvieto Underground” – here you can see some of the more than 1300 underground spaces expanding in several layers in the underground rock. Back out in the daylight, the Etruscan necropolis and temple are worth visiting. In addition to the Duomo with its beautiful frescoes by Signorelli and Angelico Beato there are numerous churches from various epochs. Lastly the whole town, with its beautiful renaissance palazzos and its houses of medieval origin, its charming alleyways, is a bit like an outdoor museum, with glimpses on an enchanting green countryside.
20_2_03In this city that for years has been a member of the Slow Food association, eating well is certainly not a problem. There’s something for all tastes and all budgets: from the simple trattoria with traditional home made dishes to the elegant restaurant with fine wines. You can easily find what suits you best. Lingua Sì has many agreements with excellent restaurants that accept our “Carta Lingua Sì”.
The age-old link with wine, as seen in various architectural elements and old documents, is reflected in the various cellars and wine shops in the historical centre. And who would say no to a glass of good Orvieto Classico sipped at sunset in front of the Duomo?