Free time

Studying Italian in Orvieto isn’t just a study holiday; studying Italian in Orvieto means diving headlong into a culture that one of a kind, it means discovering enchanting countryside – at times breathtaking in this region, it means enjoying Italian life and above all living the Italian language. The city on the cliff and its surroundings offer numerous opportunities for making a holiday unforgettable for people of all ages.

In addition to its rich cultural offer, this “green heart of Italy”, as Umbria is known, is perfect for sports enthusiasts as well. In the midst of greenery, plains, tableland, valleys and hills, all kinds of sports find their terrain.
There is almost too much choice: from excursions on mountain bikes to water sports on beautiful Lake Bolsena, from trekking to soccer and volleyball matches with young Italians, from rafting to horseback hacks in the countryside – here everything is not only possible but it’s doubly healthy. You enjoy a walk in the country, breathing clean uncontaminated air, then add the psychological benefit to the physical one, and the relaxing aspect of being surrounded by all this wonderful nature. Beauty plays its role too – and it abounds here.

Shopping is a unique experience in Orvieto: the alleyways and the main street boast many shops and boutiques with a wide range of Italian products and traditional Orvieto artisan goods. Above all, the weekly market offers Italian fashions at modest prices, more than compatible with young people’s budgets that at times aren’t very elastic.

Even night life in Orvieto holds its own. The many coffee bars, excellent ice cream parlours, pubs, wine bars, festivals and events offer enjoyment on summer nights a cool breeze for added effect, making friends with the locals. A stay in Orvieto means a perfect cocktail of ‘dolce vita’, sports and art.

What is nice about all this is that there is contact with the local people, during sports, going out at night, or simply over a cup of coffee at the coffee bar. Wherever you go there are friendly people welcoming you to Umbria.
A smile coming from the heart, ready to help you if you ask for directions, the many brief encounters with the local residents: these are the memories of Orvieto and Umbria that you will treasure forever!

Your free time with Lingua Sì

Lingua Sì offers many activities to make the stay of their students pleasant and entertaining. Among these activities are guided tours to the most beautiful monuments in the town, screenings of interesting films in Italian, dinners in typical restaurants (a member of our staff is always present), pizza parlours and walks around the pleasant places in the ancient medieval village. Orvieto and Bolsena offer beautiful and relaxing nature.

These activities are also one more opportunity to put into practice what has been studied in the classroom. The free time programme is organised monthly and varies according to the time of year. If you whish to take a look at an example of our monthly activities, just click here.

In addition, we organize holiday courses (see the sector dedicated to these courses) created for those who love the various aspects of Italian culture. Course length is variable, and they can be combined. These courses can be held, upon request, in English or German, and also may be booked by people who are spending their holiday with our students (for example husband or wife, friends, relatives, etc.).