Bolsena surroundings

First of all we would like to recommend that you visit the towns and villages on Lake Bolsena. This lake is the largest lake of volcanic origin in all of Europe and its black sand is a characteristic. Anyone who is well prepared can go on a wonderful excursion from Bolsena to Montefiascone, then Marta and Capodimonte, after that there is a stretch of road below Gradoli, Grotte di Castro and San Lorenzo Nuovo, and at last the return to Bolsena.
It is about 65 km and along the way you can enjoy panoramic views of the lake; you will certainly have the chance to eat at one of the typical trattorias run by fishermen; and to cool off with a swim you can choose the beach you like best along the way: you’ll be spoilt for choice!

There are many villages found around Lake Bolsena, and there are also towns and cities, each one with a wealth of history and monuments. South of the lake is the small town of Tuscania, resting on seven tufaceous promontories; also worthy of a visit are Viterbo, famous for its hot springs, papal palace and its beautiful square, and Orvieto with its majestic Duomo and its more than 1,300 grottoes and underground passages created over thousands of years. Between Bolsena and Orvieto is a unique hamlet, Civita di Bagnoregio. A lengthy process of erosion that began centuries ago separated it from Bagnoregio. Today Civita di Bagnoregio can be reached only by foot across a bridge 25 metres high.

For nature enthusiasts, the Bolsena surroundings are enticing for hikes, biking or hacks on horseback. You can walk in the cool woods on trails used by the ancient Etruscans. Extending south of Bagnoregio, the valley of the gullies is very suggestive. The Lake Vico wildlife reserve is near Viterbo.

The district of Bolsena and its lake is rich in history, culture and nature that is still mostly uncontaminated. We add just one small detail to this, not to be overlooked: local cuisine is excellent, accompanied by excellent quality red and white wines. Eating on the lakeshore, admiring the scenery, is a perfect way to end the day.