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A mini “spolvero” course

ceramic courses
The course takes place in an amazing underground itinerary in the heart of the medieval area of Orvieto that accompanies you through the caves discovering the archaeological findings only recently brought to light. After centuries of darkness and silence, you can once again live in these caves.

Aim of the mini-course:

* Learning to recognise and classify Etruscan ceramic works
* Learning the basis of the Spolvero techniques and making a small brick panel

1st DAY : visit to the Etruscan caves of the Pozzo della Cava, learning to recognise and classify the findings from different historical periods; presentation of the work to be done in the following days and a brief lesson on the spolvero technique, the choice of the characters and shapes of the panel to be realized;

2nd DAY : Composing the drawing/s to be produced according to the dimension of the panel obtained assembling the different hand-made bricks: realization of the veil and dusting over the bricks; colouring in black the shapes obtained;

3rd DAY : Using the dusting veils on the bricks now dry; scratching of the red lines; correcting eventual mistakes of the painted walls;

4th DAY : Finishing the graffiti on the panels, assembly of the work; realization of frames and/or decorations to complete the scenes or the compositions chosen.

Approximate time for each day: 1hr 30 min/2hrs
Period: from mid January to mid November
On request translation in English