“Good Morning”…in all the languages of the world

In Italy the old timers often say: “Crazy March”

Crazy, but also a lot of fun at the Italian Language and Culture Institute in Orvieto, Lingua Sì because this month the school has been the destination… and the departure…for many colleges and universities from all over the world.

We had students from a German university: 16 students of Italian from Gottinga University spent all the month with us in Orvieto to learn Italian at school and to attend seminars in specific areas such as tourism, geography, graphic design, learning wine appreciation and food preparation in order to organize a project. The person responsible for this project is Ilva Fabiani, an Italian lecturer at the University that received a grant for this project from the University Foundation.

The project goals were to give the students the chance to live in Italy for a month; study Italian; all in all, to organize an exhibition in Gottinga about the city of Orvieto, about the slow-food idea and philosophy, but also about its history, the artistic treasures, the food, and the social environment.

Besides the German University, we also had students from Australia and Austria.

The students from Ave Maria college in Melbourne: 30 lovely girls in love with Italy that attended language classes, together with art and cuisine classes.

And there was a very nice group from Austria, from the College Villa Blanca in Innsbruck, that studied Italian and lived the life of Orvieto together with the young people they met going around the city.

It was a pleasure to start the day with a “Good Morning” in all the languages of the world!

Ciao from all the Lingua Sì and come back soon!

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