Christmas at Lingua Sì!!

Christmas Lingua SiAt the Institute of Italian Language and Culture in Orvieto, Lingua Sì, it’s Christmas time!

In December the teachers of the school planned various lessons about Christmas; to learn Italian of course, but also to immerse our students in Italian culture and show them the Italian flavours of Christmas. We chose to have them read about Italian traditions, that is: the stories, typical dishes such as pandoro and torrone, songs, the costumes and customs from the Xmas tree to the Presepe, talking also about Xmas traditions in their own countries.

We also had students write an interview to ask Italians how they spend Xmas, and they went all around the city, decorated and lit up for Christmas, interviewing Italians and visiting the churches to see the Presepe that adults and children made.

The lessons meet the perfect end with an activity we called “Let’s decorate the school!”

The 7th of December, as a tradition in Italy, teachers and students make the Xmas decorations at the

school. Lingua Sì wanted to create a special tree similar to the one in Roma Termini. We explained to our students that in Rome, at Termini Station, there is a huge Xmas tree where people  leave best wishes and letters to ask for something, or to just leave a greeting. In the same way, all the students wrote something in Italian to put on the tree. The activity ended with the students and teachers, all together, eating Pandoro and Torrone, singing Xmas songs and making a toast: Happy Xmas!

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