XIVth Training Course

Lingua Sì organizes its XIVth Training Course for teachers of Italian as a second language. This basic course is addressed to those who are interested in acquiring experience in this field or in deepening some aspects of language teaching. You should have or be preparing for a university degree in humanistic disciplines. Course dates: 7th, […]

University of Mary Washington – Summer Abroad Program with Lingua Sì at Orvieto

For several years now, Lingua Sì has had a successful partnership with the University of Mary Washington Summer Abroad Program. The program offers intensive seminars in Italian language and culture. They are 4 credit courses (60 contact hours each), at the elementary and intermediate level and allow students to fulfill either the first or second […]

Lingua Sì goes to Austria

In these days, Lingua Sì Italian training teachers have conducted workshops in Austria on how to teach Italian and culture. The participants are Italian teachers of public and private schools and are very enthusiastic; consequently, some of them are also interested in attending our 13th edition of the training course taking place at our school […]

Olive trees & Italian …

November is the month of olive harvesting and new oil. Makiko and Mitsuru, who are attending an Italian course at Lingua Sì, Orvieto, participated at the harvest: an occasion to live as the Italians do for one day, exploring the traditions regarding olives and their harvest. Mitsuru explains: “It has been a fun day, sunny […]

Special discount from November to March

During winter Lingua Sì offers a 30% of discount on the Italian courses except the courses “Viva la lingua!”. The courses have to be attended in the period from November 2012 to March 2013. We wish to inform those who are planning to study at our school in winter that from the end of December […]

A special evening!

Piero Salituri, Director of the School of Italian Language “Lingua Sì”, organizes every month a very special evening for our students: it starts with a walk under the stars through the squares and streets of Orvieto, it continues with a visit to the Pozzo della Cava, it ends in happiness with a dinner in a typical […]

A mix with guaranteed success!

Many students choose Orvieto and Lingua Sì to attend an Italian language course. Away from the traffic of the big city, Orvieto allows them to discover the most genuine Italian life-style, and also to enjoy the flavors of traditional Italian food: wine, oil, Umbrichelli are just a few of the foods that our students can […]

Umbria Folk Festival is back!

Students who choose Orvieto and the School of Italian Language and Culture Lingua Sì for their Italian language courses during the month of August can take advantage of something special: from August 21th to August 26th there will be the “Umbria Folk Festival”, the ‘top event of the summer in Orvieto. Piazza del Popolo, car-free […]

It’s “sagra” time!

During the summer months, it’s “Sagra” time in Italy. The Sagra is a rural festival held in the open air with folk music, dancing and games. Many sagre are based around one or more culinary specialities, which can usually be sampled in the various booths. There is Pizza’s Sagra, maccheroni’s, mushrooms’, ice-cream, gnocchi… The students […]

New students at Lingua Sì!

Every first Monday of the month the School of Italian Language and Culture Lingua Sì is pleased to welcome its new students. Coming from Japan, Holland, Australia, Germany, students are in Orvieto to learn or improve their Italian language. The teachers and staff of the School Lingua Sì welcome them with a tasty toast of […]