At Lingua Sì, the Italian Language Institute of Orvieto, we have the opportunity to meet and get to know many students from all over the world; many of whom come from Poland.

I ‘ve been very impressed by Polish students because of their interest in studying the Italian  language and culture, but most of all because of their love of Italy.

Izabela, my last polish student, explained to me that the Polish love for Italy has an historical origin.

Bona Sforza d’Aragona

(Vigevano, 2 febbraio 1494 – Bari, 19 novembre 1557)

regina di Polonia e granduchessa di Lituania dal 1518

Their love can be traced to the XIV century when the Italian queen, Bona Sforza, ruled in Poland.

Izabela told me that the Queen Bona Sforza introduced vedges and other Italian products such as pasta,  to Poland

It’s interesting that the word for a kind of vedges used for soup is  wloszczyzna in Polish and has the same root of the Polish word meaning Italy.

Izabela told me that Polish love Italians because both groups of people are very similar; both are generous, both love eating and chatting a lot and gesture a lot when speaking.

She told us about her beloved country and now we are looking forward to visiting Poland!

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