A toast and a walk for new students

Five new students chose Orvieto and the School of Italian Language and Culture Lingua Sì to 
learn Italian. The first Monday of the month is an important day, when new classes start and 
new students arrive, they meet and get to know each other, make friends and speak Italian! 
To welcome them, Lingua Sì School teachers organize during a break between lessons in 
Italian, a welcome of Orvieto Classico DOC wine and pizza, crisps, sweets. After the toast 
they discover Orvieto together with the teacher, for a walk through the streets and views of 
our beautiful city, only speaking in Italian. So students become friends, get to know the 
teachers the school and the City of Orvieto, in an informal and friendly environment. To 
everyone of them, welcome to Lingua Sì!

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